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Stand by for BIG news from the LifeGames Corporation; Time Dilation.  It will change your world.  We can't give details yet, but we'll hint at it: JUUUUST Imagine spending an afternoon or two, effectively asleep on our couch.

When you awake, you're handed a certificate of training and competence that might take a year or more of hard grinding work in the 'real world'.

Yes - we can do this - it's what we do.  Our trials have been spectacular.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Outcome
Graduate with LifeGames

You have AMBITION?

Good - then a LifeGames Corporation certificate is your passport to the very top of your game.


Our clients span the globe, our students dominate the universe of human endeavor.


Our family is the new elite of global power. Interested?  You should be.



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